Zhangjiagang Top Chemical Co., Ltd.

Acrylate monomer
Polyurethane latent curing agent
Special silane
3-(trimethoxysilyl)propyl isocyanate
Silane-terminated polyether MS
Polyether amine series
Polyether amine ED-900
Polyether amine ED-600
Polyether amine ED-2003
Silicone oil products
Soft and smooth block amino silicon
Block hydrophilic amino silicon oil
Fluffy block amino silicon oil TP-58

  Zhangjiagang Tuopu Chemical is a technology-based enterprise engaged in researching, developing, producing and marketing supporting accessories for functional organosilicon materials, organic fluorine materials, polyether amine, composite materials, and supporting materials for fuel cell, etc. The company has established favorable cooperation relationships with Beijing Institute of Technology, Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry, CAS, Suzhou University, etc.

  The company is situated in the civilized city Zhangjiagang city, where enjoys superior geographic location and convenient transportation.

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